Holy Orders

The root meaning of vocation is calling and the first calling shared by all Christians is holiness as a member of the Church. Once a person takes seriously their personal call to holiness, then the other dimensions of Christian vocation are opened up. Another dimension is the state of life to which Christ calls people. There are four basic states of life within the Catholic Church: marriage, religious life, priesthood and the single state as a lay person.

When someone feels called by God to become a priest it is important that they have plenty of time to think and pray about this so that they and others can discern whether in fact this is their true vocation.

Beginning formation for the priesthood is a big step and involves sacrifices being made. Those who are in formation already may have had to give up their jobs and even their homes. Also, being a priest is quite challenging and therefore it is important that those who apply for the priesthood are properly assessed before they are accepted.

The Diocesan Selection Process seeks to help the Bishop to make a preliminary assessment about a candidate who presents himself for priesthood. The Bishop must judge whether or not the candidate may be hearing a call from God to priesthood, and whether that candidate will be able to meet the demands of both priestly formation and life as a priest in today’s world. For further info visit www.ukpriest.org

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