Traditionally, for Christians, the arrival of a new baby means a baptism. That is part of our heritage, part of the special inheritance of your child.

At the heart of baptism, is the initiation into membership of the Christian community — the Church. To be baptised is to become a Christian and experience for life both the blessings and the responsibilities of that commitment. As a parent, you will make promises on behalf of your child. We want to help you prepare for this.

Arrangements for Baptism may only be made by the parents or carer of the child. To apply for your child’s baptism please download and complete our Baptism application form  here or collect a copy from the back of the church.

To apply for your baptismal certificate for other purposes please complete request form (application for baptismal certificate) and return it with a stamped addressed envelope to St Joseph’s, Burton Rd, Derby DE1 1TJ

Baptism also offers:

  • the public naming of your child for all to hear
  • parents the opportunity to make a public commitment to the care and well-being of their child
  • the recognition of chosen supporting adults as godparents and/or witnesses
  •  friends, family and the wider community a chance to welcome the new arrival and voice their support for the family
  • a celebration

All of the above elements of the celebration of baptism are important. St Joseph’s parish wants to welcome you and your child in the way in which, at present, you feel is most appropriate. If you and your partner feel unsure about how to prepare for your child’s baptism and what it may ask of each of you please get in touch with Fr John as soon as possible in order to allow plenty time and reflection before making the commitment to full Christian membership on behalf of your child.