Pastoral Parish Council

Developing St Joseph’s parish
The role of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is briefly outlined as follows:

  • To reflect on and plan for the future direction of the parish in the light of the Gospel.
  • Supporting, enabling and co-ordinating parish activities, as necessary.
  • Identifying and celebrating the gifts of parishioners and encouraging all to participate in the life of the parish.
  • Engaging ecumenically with neighbouring faith communities

Parish Pastoral Council
The following parishioners (with the group they represent) are current members of the PPC:

Joachim Barnett (Finance Committee)
Cathie Bishop (Church cleaning)
Tracey Churchill (Headteacher, St Joseph’s School)
Nicola Rollinson(Catechetics/First Holy Communion)
Deirdre Fleming (Chair Parish Pastoral Council)
Eileen Fleming (Readers)
Michael Furey (Altar servers),
Margaret Harper (Music)
Julia Lammond (Musicians)
Brian Martin (Maintenance Committee)
Irene Murphy (Youth Club)
Sabu Mathew (St Thomas Catholic Community)
Angela Swift (Safeguarding)
Deirdre Fleming was agreed as Chair and Joachim Barnett as Vice-chair.

Many of the PPC members undertake a variety of tasks. My thanks to all of the above to kindly agreeing to be part of the PPC: and thanks to those who have done this work in the past few years so successfully.