• Our regular organist, Margaret Harper, provides music for our Saturday evening Mass and the 8.45am on Sundays.
  • Our Folk Group play at the 10.15am Sunday Mass each week.

We would be delighted if you have a musical talent that you are willing to share with us. Please contact Fr John to explore some options.

Readers’ Rota
Reading at Mass is an important part of Parish ministry.
We always welcome people who feel able to undertake this role, and training is available. Please contact Fr John or Eileen Fleming.

Signed Mass
The 10.15am Mass is signed for members of our community who are deaf. 

International Masses
Our International Mass co-ordinator is Mrs C Ejiofor. In recognition of the growing number of cultural groups in our Parish, International Mass with cultural diversity has become a regular event. Various cultures share their views and experiences to add to the celebration of Mass.
Through the International Mass we aim to make the Parish a friendly place of worship, bring a sense of togetherness and give a sense of belonging to all cultural groups.