Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life

photo credit: Lawrence OP Mendicants in Dialogue via photopin (license)

“We would like to encourage parishes, schools and communities around the Diocese to make Thursdays a special day for prayer for Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life… Many thanks, keep safe, and keep praying!”
– Canon Jonathan Cotton, the Diocesans Vocations service

This page functions as a vocations page on the parish website, and will eventually provide more information on the subject of religious vocations. Until we can find material for it, we shall simply say that Thursday’s Masses shall now have tacked on to them, at the end, a recitation of the litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is to the end that, in the words of the Lord Himself, we ask the Lord to whom the harvest belongs to send labourers out for the harvesting (Gospel of Matthew, 9: 38).

Please note that when we talk about Catholic vocations, we are talking very generally about the full range that includes the priesthood, Religious life, the consecrated single life and marriage, in no particular order. But when we make this particular devotion on Thursdays, we are praying in particular for priests, and then for Religious, both men and women.

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