This week’s prayer list

pink-roseOur prayers for those who are unwell:
Eileen Ahearne, Sandra Arelas, Maria Caballerin, Ellie Crones, Pat Donaldson, Edith, Tasha & Dylan, Eliott Fisher, Cecilia Higginbottom, Maria Juana, Robetto Lacson, Liza Luzanta, Patrick Lynch, Pauline McCrea, Mary, Leo Macdonald, Diane McDonald, Martin McDonald, Sheila Martin, Ellen McElroy, John Madden, Martin Mangan, Mary Martin, Victoria Merritt, Alexis Muir, Jim Muir, Trish Murray, George & Sue O’Connor, Kevin Orrell, Eamonn Prendergast,  Mrs Robinson, Diane Taylor, Austin Thomas, Irene Thomas, Caballero Tumot, Mary Wallace, Ben Woolley, Lilly Yore

Those who have died recently:
Victor Lee (senior), Ivan Brentnall, Hughie Toland, Hugh O’Rourke, Kay Bunn

Those whose anniversary is at this time: Canon James Beel, Leslie Litting, David Morris. Alan Elliott, Bridie Reilly, Joan Spencer, Jimmy Kelly and all those who died in the World Wars whose deaths we commemorate today.