The Synod submission document

You will have heard that there was a consultation across the parishes of the diocese to provide an input for the synod of bishops that will take place next year, and will probably be chaired by the Holy Father. This synod seems to have struggled to find a general topic, so it has been named a synod on synodality. That seems to suggest that it’s a meeting about the idea of having meetings. It should be interesting to see what comes of it. Here is a short entry from the EWTN website, if you are interested to know more about what has been said by big names and what seems to be expected by the Catholic press.

This diocese has prepared a document that summarises the results of the diocese-wide consultation, and intends to make a submission of it soon. If you can imagine that dioceses around the world are making similar documents up, you will realise that there is likely to be a bureaucratic network in Rome that will receive all these and further summarise them to make a presentation to the Holy Father and his first consultors and advisors. It all sounds very tedious and it probably is.

If you click the link below, you will be able to download the prospective diocesan submission.

Diocese of Nottingham synod submission document