The March for Life, London, 2021

Some of the most under-reported of large public events in the Western world are the Marches for Life around the legislative centres of the major capital cities in our countries. As this article from Right to Life UK states, thousands more are expected to march this Saturday in London:

“‘LifeFest 21’ will take place from 10:00 until 13:00 inside the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster. The event will include testimonies, live Q&As, and workshops from leading pro-life speakers as well as short films, music, and much more.
The march itself will begin from behind The Emmanuel Centre at 13:30 and finish in Parliament Square, where there will be a stage set up for public speeches and testimonies.”

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The March for Life organisers call their enterprise a “united voice to march for life together so that hearts and minds are changed about the greatest violation to human rights in history.” Find out the details about this Saturday’s chain of events.