The feast and memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows (aka. of Dolours)

The admirable film the Passion of the Christ is the story of both the Passion of the Lord and the suffering of His poor mother, who truly felt the sword pass through her heart as she witnessed the horror unfold before her, as Simeon had predicted decades earlier:

“…when Simeon blessed them, and said to His mother Mary, ‘Behold, this Child is destined to bring about the fall of many and the rise of many in Israel; to be a Sign which men will refuse to acknowledge; and so the thoughts of many hearts shall be made manifest; as for thy own soul, it shall have a sword to pierce it.'”

Gospel of S. Luke, 2: 34-35

And in the film, no other scene expresses it as well as the one that combines two Stations of the Cross, the first fall and her meeting her Son.