The Bishops move towards restoring the Sunday obligation

Oh, it’s about time! The original article is on the website of the Conference of Bishops, and is dated this last Thursday. The Bishops have apparently met together this last week and expressed appreciation for the work the parishes have done in the last year, particularly with providing food to those in need, in the dreadful conditions they have had to work under. There is no time-table for the Church’s own return to any type of ‘normal’ practice of religion. I’m not running through the entire article here, so please click the link above to find it.

But, they do remind us that the Holy Eucharist is the heart of the sacramental life of the Church and not something that is optional, or that can be indefinitely avoided, such as, I suppose, through getting used to watching Masses on the internet or on television. Here’s a nice quote:

“We face the task of seeking to nurture the sense of Sunday as ‘a weekly gift from God to his people’, and something we cannot do without; to see Sunday as the soul of the week, as giving light and meaning to all the responsibilities we live out each day; to see the Sunday Eucharist as food for the unique mission with which we have been endowed.”

The Day of the Lord [link]

So, they say, Sunday Mass has to become a priority in our Lives, if it isn’t already, or has ceased to be this past year. So, I assume we’re moving swiftly to a point where the Sunday obligation (suspended during the national restrictions imposed on account of the epidemic of the past year and a month) will be restored.

Once more, find the whole article, and the document from the bishops at their website.