The Bishops have provided a reflection on the countrywide synod consultations


Please download the file by clicking the link. Here’s a short excerpt from the document:

“What are the ‘joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties’ of our world and society today? Among the good wheat, we know there are weeds too which choke the harvest God intends for all people. For us to reap a good harvest, we know, for example, that we have a duty to defend human life and human rights, to rediscover the central value of marriage and family life, to eliminate injustice and to address the threat of climate catastrophe. We know, too, that the reality of warfare, hostility towards refugees and environmental recklessness are among the destructive forces at work in our world. Similarly, the rising costs of living, food poverty, homelessness and challenges to mental health are just some of the issues which impact the wellbeing of so many.
In the synod responses, among the tensions and tragedies, we have also found so many signs of hope. They give witness that the needs of people today elicit compassionate responses of remarkable generosity. The Church plays her part by putting the Gospel into practical, loving action towards the poorest and the weakest. It is clear that nothing genuinely human – whether it be a cause of rejoicing or sadness – fails to echo in our hearts as the People of God, united in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit in our journey to the Kingdom of the Father.”

Seeking Our Hearts’ Desire: a reflection following the compilation of the National Synthesis document