Confirmation is the completion of what was begun at Baptismal initiation. At Confirmation we open ourselves up to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and accept our calling to lead a full Christian life for God and our neighbour in the service of Jesus Christ and his Church.

There is a tradition in the Church of speaking about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. This custom can be traced to Isaiah 11:1-3 which sets down the following gifts:

  • Wisdom – seeing God in all things
  • Understanding – knowing how we are called to live as a friend of Jesus Christ
  • Right Judgement – knowing the difference between right and wrong
  • Courage – standing up for what is right
  • Knowledge – knowing Jesus helps us to choose the right path in life
  • Reverence – respect for God and the whole of creation
  • Wonder and Awe – being in love with God

The Christian life is all its aspects is the first gift of the Holy Spirit – each person has special gifts which the Holy Spirit uses for the good of  others.