Re-erecting the Saturday vigil Mass

I understand, from what I hear from parishioners, that the Saturday vigil Mass was very popular and that it was with great pain that it was removed some two years ago. I have been speaking with the deanery priests and they have agreed that I may restore it again. I have decided to re-erect it for 18.00, rather than 18.30 on the Saturday.

Please note that this does not take place at once, for we still have to deal with the new requirements of bookings for Mass and volunteer stewards to help at the doors. We should hopefully begin on the Saturday of the second weekend in July.

While I am on the subject of restoration, I am eager to walk the morning Mass on weekdays back to its old time-slot, starting at 9.00. This should hopefully take place in September. Hopefully, before then, the Bishop will finally permit us to remove all the restrictions that were imposed for the opening of the churches last summer.