Online Discussion: post-Lockdown Parish Evangelisation and Catechesis (this Wednesday)

I’m very late with this announcement, but there is scheduled for tomorrow a general discussion about the arrangements being made (or planned) in the Diocese for evangelisation and catechesis in the new circumstances created by the various lockdown. First the signing-up form: click the link below.


Now here’s the short paragraph from the Diocesan authority, where I have myself emboldened some of the text to make it stand out.

“Bishop Patrick’s vision for our Diocese is that our parishes will be places of Encounter with the love of God in the Sacraments and the Community, places where we can grow as disciples of Jesus, and places where we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sent out as Missionary Disciples. The lockdown has really stifled opportunities to make this a reality in our parish, so as we begin to leave lockdown, come hear and share ideas how our parishes can we can live this vision through evangelisation and catechesis. We will host an online meeting on Wednesday 21st Julat 7pm to hear from parishes across the diocese about what they hope to do to reach more people and grow in faith as lockdown comes to an end. We will also look at some resources that the we have put together as a department to help parishes with this. Sign up here: