Music and reflections from the Cathedral choir: episode 4 (last in Lent)

Another final Lenten publication. Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time for the internet in the last three or four days.

The final Lenten reflection from the Mr. Treloar of the Cathedral choir

Here, we hear the great passiontide hymn for vespers (evening prayer), Vexilla regis, the hymn to the glorious standard of Christ – the wooden Cross by which He was ‘raised up,’ in the words of the Evangelist Saint John, and brought salvation to the world. As Mr. Treloar says, the hymn is ancient (sixth century, older even than the English Mission of S. Augustine of Canterbury) and is attached also to the celebration of the Holy Cross in mid-September. The hymn addresses the inanimate cross in poetic manner, to honour it for bearing up the Salvation of the world. This has been a good series from the Cathedral, and will hopefully become a regular offering.