Parking in – and walking up to – St Joseph’s

A couple of reminders….
I have been asked to mention that there is no parking allowed in Lime Avenue for those who do not live there. It has been pointed out that the “disabled” parking space outside the presbytery is being used by those in good health. It would be appreciated if the space could be reserved for the disabled and elderly.
A number of people have commented on the “steepness” of the path up to the church. Just to remind you that the footpath which passes the path up to the primary school is less steep and easier to climb – though a little bit longer.
Concern has rightly been expressed that parking in St Joseph’s during Masses clearly prevents emergency vehicles reaching the church should this be necessary. I don’t think we can avoid this except to emphasise the need for all to recognise that, if your vehicle is blocking such access, please be aware of this and available to move your car as quickly as possible should this be required.

Parking for Mass
A few have mentioned in recent weeks the need to remind people to use the correct entrance into and exit from the car-park. These are clearly marked. Obviously, if ignored, the danger of collision is considerable – so do please take extra care.