Father Wang goes over to Rome

In the last two weeks, we heard that my old director of studies at the seminary in Westminster, Father Stephen Wang, has been appointed from September 2021 to be rector of our seminary in Rome, the Venerable English College, known in Rome simply as the Venerable. The English College in Rome is venerable because of its association with many of the English Martyrs, priests who risked their lives to bring the Mass back to England during the dark years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (aka. Bloody Lizzy). The Venerable remains our primary seminary, and although our seminary in London, named Allen Hall, has similar origins to the Venerable, both being founded by His Eminence Cardinal William Allen to form English priests in exile, the Venerable retains its original buildings, and the halls and corridors through which great lights like Father Ralph Sherwin walked.

Father Wang replaces Monsignor Philip Whitmore, who was the rector during my two-year visit to the Venerable, a gentleman and a kind father to the community. Father Wang is one of the most well-known faces in the Church in England. Here he is, talking about Christ and God the Father: