Father Kevin at Saint Joseph’s

Father Kevin has been an assistant priest at the Cathedral church in Nottingham and then at the four-parish cluster in south Leicester, before being assigned by the Bishop to Saint Joseph’s as parish administrator in March, 2020. Before his arrival in the parish, the great nationwide lock-down had already fallen into place, but the parish had begun a daily Mass immediately(albeit offered privately, behind closed doors at the church). But the church has been opened since September, subjected to restrictions and there are two parish Masses on Sunday morning and a divine liturgy according to the Syro-Malabar rite on Sunday afternoons.

Father began an offsite blog immediately on arrival in March 2020, to make regular entries from the church and presbytery. Please click the link below to access that blog.

As stated on the blog, Father’s weekly prayer intentions are the following. In the absence of requested intentions for the daily Masses, these function as default intentions on the respective weekdays:

  • Sundays: our Parishioners in general
  • Mondays: the Holy Father and the Bishop
  • Tuesdays: our deceased Parishioners (++)
  • Wednesdays: the sick and the dying
  • Thursdays: vocations to the priesthood and Religious life
  • Fridays: persecuted Christians (currently central Africa, China and Pakistan)
  • Saturdays: medical staff, especially with the current health situation