Confessions at Saint Joseph’s

La Confessione, Giuseppe Molteni (1838)

These have not stopped at any time in the last year. As many of our parishioners are aware, they may simply call at the house, preferably checking by telephone beforehand to make sure I am available. At the moment, the confessional in the church may not be used because of its confinement, but I tend to use the parish grounds, outside the church, which are secluded enough to provide privacy. I also make a point of not making eye-contact, so that there is a large measure of anonymity, should anybody wish that.

This last week, in collaboration with our sister parish in Mickleover, we arranged a parish reconciliation service on Thursday evening at 18.30, and then a similar service at Mickleover yesterday evening at 18.30. I shall continue to hear confessions by request upto and on Holy Saturday. Ordinarily, there would be confessions heard before every Mass, but the present restrictions make that impossible.