St Ralph Sherwin

Window of St Ralph Sherwin in St Joseph’s

St Ralph Sherwin, our local saint, was born nearby at Rodsley, Derbyshire in 1550. He moved to the English College, Douai where he was ordained priest and returned to England with 13 companions in April 1580 in November of that year he was arrested, imprisoned and sent to the Tower of London. He consistently refused to renounce his faith and a year later he was hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn.He was canonised in 1970 and is one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.
St Ralph’s feastday is 1st December the day of his martyrdom.
St Ralph is venerated in our small side chapel which has a beautiful stained glass commemorative window and the relics of the saint.
There is a web-site for the St Ralph Sherwin Society. St Ralph is an important saint of Derbyshire. View the site for yourself – it provides valuable information and contact with St Ralph Sherwin – go to website