Experiences of others

Four moving films of faith testimonies have been produced featuring former non-churchgoing (lapsed) Catholics who have now returned to the practice of their faith. The people featured represent different age groups and geographical areas in England and Wales. The films have been created in support of the “Crossing the Threshold” project which is an initiative of the Bishops’ Conference Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis.

David and Shirley

David says:

“I used to go [to church] Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Christmas Eve, funerals, weddings… My family were having communion and I was a bit, like, ‘I’m missing out here. Do I need this?’…

“We were sitting somewhere New Year’s Eve and Shirley used to say ‘Are you making a New Year’s resolution?’ And what I made was, ‘I’m gonna do RCIA,’ and Shirley was flabbergasted… It’s an honour to be there when Father is celebrating Mass, it’s brilliant.”


Karolina says:
“I felt that God didn’t exist because he didn’t do anything for me and if he did exist, he was very cruel, because everyone that I loved was dying or going away…

“I wanted to feel happy and I did everything that I could to feel happy… I remember that I felt so lonely and unloved and I just was so empty inside.”



Laurence says:
“I was a Sunday Catholic and a Holy Day of Obligation Catholic, and an altar boy and I didn’t really understand why.

“I don’t really know when I drifted, but I was certainly 17 – 18… but I would always get that feeling when you walk back into the church, the quiet and the peace…

“I still struggle with my religion, my faith… but I fundamentally think that it is there for a good purpose to guide us. You never lose it. You might go away from it. You might wander, but you’ve got that urge sometimes, you just need to get back and I think that’s where I am. ”



Matt says:
“I took on a more demanding job and it meant that we had to move away from the town that we lived in. I’d always intended to find another church but somehow it just didn’t happen. I was very busy.

“In my own mind I convinced myself that my faith was still intact, that I didn’t really need to go to Mass. So how did we come back? It was a series of small processes.”