In partnership with Cafod, St Joseph’s parish elected to support the people of a village called Kainmari in Southern Bangladesh.
The village has a community of 250 families all of whom are living with the risk of an increasing number of natural disasters such as cyclones and floods.

CAFOD The total collected for CAFOD in 2016 amounted to £5,223.78 (of which £1,918 was gift-aided). Many thanks.

CAFOD St Joseph’s Friday Group giving for January amounted to £364.£579.15 (which included £222.00 that was gift-aided).
Giving in February amounted to £405.52 (of which £163.50 was gift aided).  This brings the total for 2017 to £984.67 (£385.50 gift-aided).
Giving to CAFOD in March amounted to £307.83 (£141 was gift-aided).
Giving in May amounted to £426.02 (of which £178.00 was gift-aided).
Giving in June amounted to £368.60 (of which £163 was gift-aided).

The total to date this year is now £2,766.35 (of which £1,088.25 is gift-aided).