About us

S. Joseph’s is a Catholic parish is just south and south-west of the city of Derby, including Rose Hill, New Normanton and Littleover. Our Parish Centre facility provides additional opportunities for developing our community.

Our parish administer is Fr. Kevin Athaíde; you are welcome to contact him for further information about our community. Email: Fr Kevin.

In the present circumstances, with the church building closed to the public to control the spread of the viral infection that is coursing through the country, Fr. Kevin continues to celebrate Mass every morning in the church from 9.30, and from 10.00 on Sundays. There is also a daily Rosary every afternoon/evening with the intentions of our parishioners in mind. Fr. Kevin has also begun a personal blog, to present his work at S. Joseph’s in a more public manner.

Parish Pastoral Council

Our Parish Pastoral Council meets regularly to work with Fr. Kevin in the organisation and running of our parish.

A separate Finance Committee also meets quarterly and provides full annual accounts which are made available to the parish. The Planned Giving scheme accounts for two thirds of our Parish income. It would be good to increase the number of people who are in the Planned Giving scheme as this helps to establish a steady income, and if the contribution comes from tax-payers, there is an additional tax benefit that we can claim from the taxman.

Planned Giving Envelopes are counted after the 10.15 Sunday Mass by a team of parishioners. If you would like to volunteer to join the counting rota you would be most welcome.

Church Cleaning

A small group of volunteers ensure that our church is kept in good order.
Needed Urgently
 – We are in desperate need of more church cleaners. We have recently lost a whole team. The church cleaning only takes 1 hour – 1.5 hours and is about 5 times a year if you are part of a team of around 4 people. Any help is very welcome. Initially, do speak to one of the cleaners.
We would be delighted if you would consider joining us and your help would be greatly appreciated.
Coffee and tea supplied!

Flower Arrangers
Each week a small group of parish flower arrangers (three principal organisers) give of their time to make sure the church looks beautiful and is in keeping with our worship and love of God.
 Further volunteers are always welcome to join us.

Parish social networking:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stjosephderby
Twitter: @stjosephderby