A talk on assisted suicide by Baroness Grey-Thompson (September the 9th)

The following message will be going into our newsletters this weekend.

“On Thursday September 9th at 730pm, Baroness Grey-Thompson will deliver a talk entitled, ‘Assisted Dying: A Win for Autonomy or a Loss for Civil Society?

Baroness Grey-Thompson, is a former Paralympian, disability rights campaigner, member of the House of Lords and opponent of legalised physician assisted-suicide who will address the Diocese on this vital moral issue, via Zoom. If you would like to attend this exclusive talk, please visit https://www.dioceseofnottingham.uk/.”

This is a very significant topic at the moment, as I’m sure many of us are aware. The Bishop himself calls this a pressing moral issue in the video below, lamenting the use of words such as ‘assisted dying’ to disguise the wicked practice of forcing the terminally ill down the path of assisted suicide, while convincing them that some lives are not worth fighting for. There is another more heinous side to this: forcing medical professionals to violate their personal integrity and the integrity of their profession in requiring them to administer or permit the use of lethal drugs in these circumstances.

The ‘Assisted Dying’ bill 2021 – an address from the Bishop

These political moves are not new, as he notes, but the attempts certainly are. Pro-life groups and other groups supporting the vulnerable and disabled persons are now up in arms. The Conference of Bishops provides a quick summary and what we could do on the ground level on their website. The all-party parliamentary group for dying well provides some information about assisted suicide on their website. In the video attached to the twittering linked below, there is a description of the slippery slope we would find ourselves tumbling down if we continue down the same path as Belgium has done with respect to euthanasia.

To arms! Call your Member of Parliament and tell them what you think.