This week’s prayer list

Our prayers for those who are unwell: Eileen Ahearne, Sandra Arelas, Maria Caballerin, Ellie Crones, Pat Donaldson, Edith, Tasha & Dylan, Eliott Fisher, Cecilia Higginbottom, Maria Juana, Robetto Lacson, Liza Luzanta, Patrick Lynch, Pauline McCrea, Mary, Leo Macdonald, Diane McDonald, Martin McDonald, Ellen McElroy, John Madden, Martin Mangan, Mary Martin, Victoria Merritt, Alexis Muir, Jim Muir, Trish Murray, George…

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Contacting our parish priest

Each week Fr John is available to meet parishioners with no appointment.
The time and day varies each week and is given in the current newsletter (This time also includes the opportunity for confession.)