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NEWS ALERT: Churches to close, upon the recommendation of the Bishops of England and Wales, to control the spread…

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At this difficult time…

Tonight before falling asleep think about when we will return to the street. When we hug again, when all…

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Our children are our most important asset and we are very fortunate in having first class schools and catechists…

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St Joseph’s is a friendly city centre parish blessed with parishioners from all parts of the world who have chosen to make Derby their home.
We are close to the city centre of Derby. Whether you are a visitor, haven’t been to church for sometime or are not a Catholic you are always most welcome.

Our new parish centre facility provides additional opportunities for developing our community..

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Parish Life


From the moment we are born until the day we die our life is marked by key milestones.We celebrate together these important moments with you and for you

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Could you help to inspire and empower children and young people in our Catholic Schools and Parishes to bring alive their sense of global justice? .

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St Ralph Sherwin

St Ralph is venerated in our small side chapel which has a beautiful stained glass commemorative window and the relics of the saint..

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Catholic life in Derby

Working together for one another

Hospital Care

Care of St Joseph’s parishioners who are sick,housebound or in hospital: our pastoral care of these important parishioners is essential. Please let the parish office know if a family member or friend is sick or unable to come to Mass and would like to receive Holy Communion. Hospitals no longer automatically inform the hospital chaplaincy of your admission or your faith. In order to ensure that you, if you wish, still receive the sacraments, receive a visit from the chaplain, or the on-call priest in an emergency, it is important firstly to let your Parish Priest know, then to contact the hospital chaplaincy team on 01332 789500

Syro-Malabar Community

The Syro-Malabar Community in DerbyThe Syro-Malabar Catholic Community is one of the vibrant migrant community in Derbyshire. It had a very tiny beginning in later half of the year 2002. However it had a steady and constant growth during the last 10 years. Today there are approximately 120 Syro-Malabar catholic families living in Derbyshire.

Derby Deanery

Derby Deanery consists of the parishes of St Joseph’s, St Mary’s with Holy Family and Christ the King in Mackworth, Our Lady of Lourdes in Mickelover, St George’s and St Albans parish and also All Saints in Ashbourne.

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Our parish newsletter is published weekly. Please let Fr Kevin have any items by Thursday of each week.

Learn From The Best

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Academics News

8 March
Fire Safety/Evacuation Training- Follow-up Session

Fire Safety/Evacuation Training- Follow-up Session Many thanks to all the Parishioners who attended the training in February….

1 March
Derby Irish Festival

Derby Irish Festival 9th-17th March at the Bell & Castle on 9th March, Film & Music night…

1 March
Welcome SVP

Welcome SVP Those who might be interested in joining the St Vincent de Paul Society are invited…